Thursday, May 14, 2009

I recently had an exhibition in Syracuse, NY. The exhibition was at the Community Folk Art Center on Genesee St. and I stayed at the Genesee Grand Hotel.

Last week I had an exhibition in LA. I went to stay with some friends of mine. I didn't know where they stayed until I got to their neighborhood and realized that they stayed on Genesee Ave.

I was a little shocked about the coincidence. I was perplexed, not knowing what that meant, if anything.

I came home from LA and was relaxing when my daughter came running into the living room with a strange red bottle that said Genesis on it!

I shook my head and told her to put it back in the refrigerator realizing that my friend must have left it there without my knowledge.

Perplexed, I scratched my head and proceeded to continue the conversation that I was having with my mother. She told me that the coincidences were strange.

Finally, the day after I returned from LA; I decided to turn the television on for the first time. As soon as I turned the television on, a commercial for a new car called the Hyundai Genesis came on. I yelled in shock!

I told my best friend about all of the coincidences and she told me that maybe it meant that it was the beginning of something significant in my life. She then proceeded to tell me that she just found out that her boyfriend was from Genesee County in Michigan!!!!

Keep an eye on me! This may very well be the begininng of something greater than me.

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