Thursday, May 14, 2009

A few months ago I received an email from CCH Pounder. It was quite surprising, but she wanted me to know that she liked my work and that she was putting together an exhibition in May at her gallery in Los Angeles, Pounder-Kone Art Space. She invited me to participate.

I had no idea that she had a gallery and was even more surprised to find out that she was a painter and collage artist, in addition to being an actress.

I decided that I had to go to LA. I had a friend who lived out there as as soon as she heard about it, plans were being made for me to travel out there and that's just what happened. The show, called Cooperative, opened on May 9, 2009 and will run until the 31st.

It was a wonderful experience to meet Mrs. Pounder-Kone, although I think that she prefers being called CC. She was a wonderfully pleasant woman with a British accent. I could tell that she really had a love for the arts and a true passion for assisting emerging artists like myself. I felt honored to be there.

The rest of my visit to LA was interesting. I suppose that I had expectations because I was a little surprised. I was a victim of the hype. The city lacked the pizazz that I expected it to have. It was simply regular. I suppose all cities must be, except for New York of course.;) Next time I will travel with no expectations!;)

I had fun though. I saw all of the sights, thanks to my wonderful hosts; shopped a bit and took in some of the sounds of the city.

After that I was beat. I think that I had six hours worth of sleep so when I returned home; I was a bit delirious! Such is the life of an artist!:)

I guess I better get on with it and go change the world!

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