Friday, February 19, 2010

While riding through the city today; I stopped abruptly because I saw a horse drawn wagon. The wagon itself was locked within the gates of what appeared to be a junkyard. That quick glimpse of it made me excited and I wanted to shoot it. I have always had a fascination with those since I came to America. They are often romanticized, and I thought that maybe one day I would get the opportunity to ride in one. As I got to the gates to take a shot of the carriage, I was startled by the movement of a horse! This horse was not attached to the carriage, but it was rummaging through junk like a dog. It was eating something that was seemingly unnatural...nothing like hay. I looked around shocked, and soon spotted another one, standing in the corner looking sad and desolate, it's furry brown coat looking tattered and ragged. I had never seen such a thing, 'Urban Horses!' Soon, a chicken came by...

 What a sad, disgusting and unnatural environment these poor horses live in. I wanted to set them free. Maybe I'm spoiled because I live in the country. The horses here are beautiful and well taken care of, with lots of land to run around on and lots of fresh air, and hay to eat. A far cry from these urban horses, who were surrounded by tires, old cars, garbage, and a myriad of other things...

and what was up with the chickens?

 i digress.

what a day.

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