Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Children inspire me! During my visit to Syracuse, some students from Franklin Magnet School came to review my artwork. I received a couple of letters from them that I'd like to share. Children inspire and encourage me to keep creating.

To: Tamara Natalie Madden
From Shalaya Wilson
Fifth Grade, Franklin Magnet School, Syracuse, NY
Response Poem to Artwork

Half-Cut Apple

I’m holding a white bird on my hand.
I’m holding a blue, white, red,
brown and green blanket.
I’m wearing a beautiful white
dress with swirls on it.
I’m wearing a half-cut apple
on my neck with a seed sticking out.
My beautiful eyes are looking
at the pretty white bird on my hand.
I’m wearing a gold flower crown.
In the background is blue dark blue
with green and gold coming out.

Dear Tamara,

Your name sounds like “tomorrow,” but your name is still beautiful like you.
I can tell you are a colorful person because you use a lot of different colors.

I would like to let you know that everyone was drawn to your watermelon picture — how is that? Like they are drawn to me — ha, ha — get it?

Dequanna Jones
Fifth Grade, Franklin Magnet School, Syracuse, NY

P.S. Please write back

Art can touch lives in so many ways! Many thanks to educator, Jules Gibbs, for the images and for taking the children to the exhibit.

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