Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm a fine artist; a national and international artist. I don't view myself as a local artist. I simply reside in Atlanta.

I have to be very discerning when I choose to do certain things. I participated in an event last night and wasn't quite happy that I did it. Do I need any connections in Atlanta? I haven't had many buyers here in this city. My experience here hasn't been good, but from time to time I like to show my face at some of the local events, just to see.

I see that I simply need to stay focused on promoting my work to galleries here in America and abroad. No need to go backwards, and that's how I felt last night. I won't do any show, not any longer, just for the sake of networking, especially not in Atlanta.

All in all the event appeared to be successful for the promoters and the other advertisers. The artists were left to their own devices. We were not even acknowledged throughout the event and that was definitely unfortunate.

I live with no regrets and I'm thankful for all of the things that happen because they always give me clarity.

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