Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lauryn has clearly changed and evolved. I think change is often needed and anticipated, however when you decide to change the music that you are known for, and that your fans came to hear and enjoy live, it makes for an interesting show.

I went to see Lauryn perform last night at Center Stage in Atlanta, and unfortunately, I went in with expectations. While I enjoy live music, the techno and rock remixes of classic Lauryn Hill songs threw me off a bit, and clearly threw the audience off. After many of us waited restlessly for 3 hrs for her arrival--the first hour of the concert was...something to be desired! The crowd was giddy when she initially arrived and did a reggae song. That was nice. Then there was an hour of rock-n-rollesque remixes of her miseducation days. The crowd seemed perplexed, some sat down, others left, while others were busy texting and updating their twitter and facebook. It was interesting. It was almost as if she didn't want to remember those days so she remixed it so drastically that we wouldn't either.

She then revisited her Fugee days, and the Lauryn we all wanted to see finally arrived. Her flow was still amazing, her vocals fascinating and inspiring.

I was happy because I got a chance to really feel her for half an hour. I think the direction she went in with the techno could be fine if she had new music, but remixing the old songs in such a way didn't suit my taste. Others may have enjoyed it, but I watched the crowd, people didn't stand up and get happy and involved until the Lauryn we remembered came back. Anyhow, I will always love Lauryn. The truth is, her vocals and flow are incomparable. There is none like her.

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water scissors paper said...

I love love Lauyrn too. Glad she's making music again.

BARBER said...

Glad you stayed in there:)