Friday, January 29, 2010

Stop. Take a moment, take a breath...a deep one. Now begin counting your blessings. We don't often do that. I am, by nature, a grateful person. I appreciate the little things...the smallest gifts, like the dirt, and the first flowers springing to life. I'm grateful that I grew up the way that I did because it molded me into the woman that I am today. I'm grateful for my grandmother who taught me that a little goes a long way and that life is not about 'having'.

So I find less reason to complain. When I look in my pantry and wonder where all of the food has gone; I'm thankful because I have the money to replenish it. When I get in my car and drive down the street; I'm undeniably grateful for the fact that I have that luxury, and that I don't have to walk everywhere because there are no buses in my city.

Everyday is a new one that abounds with life, light and spirit. When I was growing up in Jamaica, we always awoke to the sounds of the rooster crowing and the beautiful sunrise. We were surrounded by the sounds of nature's music, and boy did it sound good. We found reason to smile in the midst of struggle, and our spirits were resolute. I will never become lost in this world. I will never be driven by greed and power, and I will always find a way to uplift the poor and forgotten.

Let's attempt to find less reason to complain and more reasons to be thankful. Remember that our people are suffering all over the world because of greed and carelessness...and always remember to give, however you can.

-Selah "Let those with eyes see and with ears hear."

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