Saturday, October 31, 2009

Recently, a good friend of mine made a suggestion to me about my work. She told me to delve more into myself to see what I can find. Most of my inner most thoughts and feeling are generally expressed through writings that I refuse to share. I find them to be too personal.

When she suggested that I paint my deepest thoughts and feelings, the first artist that I thought of was Frida Kahlo. I figured that my work would look somewhat like hers--if I were to interpret it literally--although her work wasn't necessarily literal. I'm sure that my work would involve some gore and possibly some sordid symbols and madness.

Needless to say, I really enjoy Frida's work because it tells the truth. It tells her truth in a way that I've yet to find in my visual art, only in my writings. It's a deep truth. I speak the truth in my work, but not my personal truths. I haven't reached that point yet, but I'm getting there...

...but there's another artist. One whose work speaks just as clearly as Frida's, but is more masterfully rendered. It speaks to the darkness that lie within many of us, the darkness that we sometimes won't allow others to see. It is the painters' truth--his vision. It is ODD and he is ODD Nerdrum.

I was introduced to his work some years ago and thought that he was a classic artist that I had never heard of, but I soon found out that he is of our time, although his paintings are classically inspired. His subject matters--well, let's just say they are ODD, but I can appreciate him as I do Frida because they speak their truth in their work--always.

So I decided, that I will make an attempt to delve, and we will see where it takes me. In the meantime, I'm inspired by his work--thoroughly.

The Singers, Odd Nerdrum (above)

Nerdrum calls himself a Kitsch painter saying, ‘the kitsch painter is committed to the eternal: love, death and the sunrise’ and ‘because modernism has conquered art, kitsch is the savior of talent and devotion.’

I suppose he doesn't want to get lost in this idea of modernism where painters have put money and fame before true purpose. That's my interpretation, but I do understand how easy it is to get lost as an artist.

I feel like my work has a purpose, but I know that there is so much more room to grow and I plan on doing that. In the meantime, I need to practice painting because I'm nowhere close to being as good as him, but I suppose that's ok. There's only one ODD and only one me. :)

Kitsch is the opposite of the public space, of the public conversation, of the demand for objectivity and functionality. Kitsch is the intimate space, our selves, our love and our congeniality, our yearnings and our hopes, and our tears, joys and passion. Kitsch comes from the creative person’s private space, and speaks to other private spaces. Kitsch deals therefore with giving intimacy dignity - Odd Nerdrum, ArtNews, April 2000.

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