Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I thought that I would share some of my older works. We all have to start from somewhere and growth only happens when you work towards it and are open to it.
I did this drawing when I was 14. I was just learning how to draw faces.

On my artistic journey, I've tried many things. A lot of the ideas that I had really sucked and my painting skills were really bad! I kept on though, because no one could tell me that I wasn't going to be an artist.

I really thought that I was doing something here! This was supposed to be a deep painting! It was in oil too. I don't like oil any longer, it's just not my thing. lol!

An early drawing called Stork Man. 

Aaah, my attempts at painting.

It started getting a little better.

The piece above is in Vanderbilt University's permanent collection.

Eventually, I began to evolve and growth came. It takes time and lots of failure sometimes, but if you believe it you can achieve it! Corny, but true! :)

The Hottentot Venus  

I'm still growing. I'll never stop. I continue to challenge myself and learn from others. I'm self taught and I'm a woman and I'm black, but above all I am an artist and I have a voice.

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